Microneedling pen

The Micro needling pen is an automated micro needling therapy system that vertically pierces the skin to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage, while enhancing skin rejuvenation results.  

Your skin will continue to create new collagen for up to 2 yrs post treatment.  

By doing so, we are literally recreating collagen to bring about a smooth top surface to your skin filling in wrinkles with new collagen as well as scarring, stretchmarks, pigmentation, pore size, etc.

The needling pen automatic vibrating function increases the effectiveness of treatment by increasing absorption of products, while reducing pain and discomfort. There are varying depths to the device that can be achieved depending on extent of skin damage.

The pen, although non-ablative, is just as effective as treatments such as Fractional Laser Therapy, IPL and Medical Grade Chemical Peels and can also be used in conjunction with these treatments. And one of the most amazing benefit is that the pen ’s pricing is a fraction of the leading alternatives.  Micro Needling can be used on all parts of the body. Uses and Effects can be dramatic when completed in a 3-Series or up to 6-Series scheduled at 4 week intervals.

  • Skin Tightening, Lifting and Rejuvenation
  • Improves Acne Scars and Wound Healing Scars including Surgical and Burn Scars
  • Improves Deep Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Minimizes Pore Size
  • Improves Stretch Marks
  • Improves Pigmented areas of skin including Melasma and age spots
  • Treats and Improves Alopecia

Before & After Pictures



more about this treatment: info@beautyfulskin.be

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